Wellness : Holistic Perspective On The Quality Of Life

Wellness is generally used to mean a healthy balance of the body, mind and soul that results in an overall feeling of well-being. Jiva Pranava Wellness Kendra follows the pragmatic concept on Wellness as a sound body with a sound mind and soul in a sound family with sound finance, in sound habitat and sound social environment.

Quality of life was defined by WHO as the condition of life resulting from the combination of the effects of the complete range of factors such as those determining health, happiness, (including comforts in the physical environment and a satisfying occupation), education, social and intellectual attainment, freedom of action, expression and justice.

90% of the causes of all problems having their root in the Energy level. It meant that correction is necessary in the Energy body. The basic correction of any problem in any individual begins with cleansing and energising the Energy body which is possible with the help of time tested wellness procedures.

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Dimensions of Wellness

Perfect health or wellness is multidimensional. The WHO definition envisages three dimensions viz. physical, mental and social. However, some more dimensions are to be added to make it all encompassing and perfect.

Physical Dimension

The physical dimension conceptualizes health biologically as a state in which every cell and every organ is functioning at optimum capacity and in perfect harmony with the rest of the body.

 Mental Dimension

Good mental health is the ability to respond to the many varied experience of life with flexibility and a sense of purpose. Mental health is a balance between the individual and the surrounding world, a state of harmony between oneself and others, a co-existence between the realities of the self and that of other people and that of the environment.

Social Dimension

Social well being implies happiness, harmony and integration within the individual, between each individual and other members of society and between individuals and the environment in which they live. One has to adjust with the environment instead of trying to get the environment adjusted as he wishes.

Spiritual Dimension

Spiritual well-being refers to that part of the individual which reaches and strives for meaning and purpose of life as well as self knowledge. Self knowledge develops a broader state of mind that can accept anything without prejudices or personal likes and dislikes. Only a healthy mind can have the capacity to observe and comprehend the sensory impressions in its actuality.

Emotional Dimension

The mental and emotional aspects of humanness may have to be viewed as two separate dimensions of human health.

Vocational Dimension

For many individuals the vocational dimension may be merely a source of income. To others, this dimension represents the culmination of the efforts of other dimensions as they function together to produce what the individual considers life success.

Other Dimensions

A few other dimensions are also worth mentioning such as :

  • Philosophical Dimension
  • Dimension of Spiritual Anthropology
  • Cultural Dimension
  • Socio-Economic Dimension
  • Environmental Dimension
  • Educational Dimension
  • Nutritional Dimension
  • Curative Dimension
  • Self Immunological Dimension