Modern science is only just beginning to catch up with ancient knowledge and even the World Health Organisation in the 1970’s agreed that the human energy field does exist.

Energy is a vibration of electrical activity. It is a natural force that flows through all humans, animals and plant life and 98% of what appears to be solid mass is actually empty space. But scientists can show us that what we think of as empty space is actually made up of tiny molecules and atoms that our human eyes cannot see. These molecules and atoms vibrate and radiate a natural energy. Thus this empty space is actually brimming with intelligent natural energy and when this relates to the human body we call it as Bio-Energy.

Everything in nature is ruled and maintained by energy. Energy is the one which is giving life to the entire creation of the Supreme Creator. It is the same energy which has manifested in different forms to co-ordinate the functions of the Universe. Without this energy even the discipline in the cosmic movements cannot be maintained. The same energy maintains the laws of nature, the flow of rivers and distribution of oxygen to the entire earth to maintain life.

This energy is nothing but the energy of the Supreme Creator. Of course at the physical level the creation is maintained by the different forms of energy like,

  1. Nuclear energy
  2. Mechanical energy
  3. Chemical energy
  4. Bio-magnetic energy
  5. Electrical energy
  6. Thermal energy
  7. Magnetic energy
  8. Reproductive energy

Our physical body needs certain energies for its proper functioning as well as its various activities. These are – the Electrical, Thermal, Magnetic, Bio-magnetic and Reproductive energy. In fact our overall health depends on the presence of these five energies which are constantly coming from the cosmos.

The findings on ETMBR energy matrix have been interpreted on the basis of Psycho-genomics or Inner Genetics.

The description of these energies is given below.

  1. Electrical energy

Location :near ‘anahata’ (heart region).

The radius : 18 inches

Received and amplified by the energy body

Enhanced and preserved within the physical body as chemical energy.

Role: It represents the communication network of the body from tissue to tissue and cell to cell. It is also responsible for pain transmission and reaction functions.


  • Controls blood flow
  • Regulates all body movements
  • Governs feelings and emotions
  • Helps the downward movement of foetus.
  • Eliminates toxins and wastes.
  • Governs the mind and intelligence.
  • helps to absorb nutrients

 Results of weak Electrical Energy

.When the radius is more than 18 inches from anahata it is considered as weak resulting in locomotor disorders and or any problems due to lack of communication in the physical body.


  1. Thermal energy

Located at the region of the Manipura.

Radius : 18 inches

Role: Thermal energy governs all chemical and metabolic transformations. It is like fire and is responsible for maintenance of temperature, digestion, appetite and metabolism at cellular levels. It is also responsible for controlling psychological attributes like anger, fear, courage and ignorance


  • Separates absorbable nutrients from food
  • Helps in the process of digestion, emulsification of food fats
  • Maintains mental faculties like knowledge and intelligence
  • Keeps sebaceous glands active
  • Keeps the skin warm

Results of weak Thermal Energy

When the field is more, or wide it denotes that the thermal energy is weak and this results in hypothermia, loss of appetite, indigestion and may also cause psychological problems like depression, lethargy and behavioural disorders.


  1. Magnetic Energy

Located between the Athma and Athmashakthi

Radius: 18 inches

Role: Magnetic energy governs the structural integrity of the body giving it mass and stability, protecting the body from outside environment. It is the cohesive force which provides structure to everything – from an individual atom or cell to the sturdy musculo-skeletal frame.

It is interesting to note that we not only receive the magnetic energy but also generate them. This can be checked by the Magnetic Encephalogram and Magneto Cardiogram which can measure the brain’s and heart’s magnetic fields.


  • Promotes self healing
  • Governs immunity giving resistance against diseases
  • Gives strength, stability and endurance
  • Helps in self healing of wounds and self repair of cells

 Results of weak Magnetic Energy

 Weak magnetic energy produces laziness, jealousy, behavioural problems etc.


  1. Bio-magnetic energy

 Located near the umbilicus.

Radius: 18 inches

Bio-magnetic energy is a combination of Magnetic energy and the Electrical energy. The presence of bio-magnetism is the symbol of life which is nothing but the replication of atoms.


  • Improves the intelligence of the cell to produce fully matured and healthy cells.
  • Rejuvenates the body by helping replication of cells
  • Helps in mitosis of the cells
  • Prevents abnormal, excessive, uncoordinated, autonomous and purposeless proliferation of cells

Results of weak Bio-Magnetic Energy

Weak Bio-magnetic energy may cause degenerative diseases

  1. Reproductive energy

Present around Swadhistana energy centre.

Radius: 27 inches.

It is the combination of Thermal energy and Electrical energy which is helping in reproduction. Many times we have seen that the couples are medically fit and they don’t have children. In such cases, they may not have the required amount of reproductive energy.

Main functions

  • Helps in reproduction
  • Helps in replication of cells

 Results of weak Reproductive Energy

If the reproductive energy is weak, it results in erectile dysfunctions, premature ejaculation, fragility, lack of interest in sex and other sex related problems.