Jiva Pranava Kendra is presenting “Shakthi Sanjeevani” an Innovative Intellectual Revitalizing Program specially designed for students to boost up their inner excellence.

This is a scientific combination of Yoga, Pranayamam, Mudra, Meditation, Motivation techniques, Visualization techniques, Memory boosting techniques and mild physical excercises.

Shakthi Sanjeevani is a simple and most effective curriculum developed on the basis of psycho-physical and sociological research to bring up ideal citizens of tomorrow and to make their lives meaningful and fruitful for the entire humanity.

The Need

Today Students world over are in severe stress, caused by family, societal and national turbulences. The most intense of all stressors, they suffer are the stressors related to studies. As a result of stress, students lose positive attitude, self confidence, concentration, smooth interpersonal relationships, ability to memorize, learning skills and even health. In short, students are affected physically and psychologically owing to the severity of stress.

Elements of “Shakthi Sanjeevani”Shakthi Sanjeevani for students

  • Breathing Exercises
  • Physical Exercises
  • Visualization Techniques
  • Self Motivation Techniques
  • Stress Releasing Techniques
  • Anger Management Techniques
  • Colour Meditation Techniques
  • Negative Thought Removal Techniques


  • To enhance memory power and concentration
  • To improve learning skills.
  • To free students from stress.
  • To develop positive mental attitude and empower Students to be free from negative thoughts.
  • To develop IQ and EQ.
  • To improve creativity.
  • To control hyper activity and attitudinal problems
  • To develop harmonious interpersonal relationship with fellow beings.
  • To improve leadership quality.
  • To enhance immunity power and overall health.
  • To reduce laziness and to reinforce dynamism.
  • To make Students free from phobias and manias.



Features of Shakthi Sanjeevani

  • Very Simple to Practice
  • Each technique takes very less time to practice
  • Connecting the children with nature
  • Keep the children charged for the whole day
  • A progressive pattern of multi-sensory exercises
  • Shakthi Sanjeevani designed for all individuals irrespective of caste, creed and religion