Jiva Pranava Wellness Kendra is providing free services in the area of Social Reformation Programmes which are mentioned below.

  1. Anger Management Programme
  2. Stress Management Programme
  3. Thought  Management Programme
  4. Programme to control Hyperactivity in children
  5. Energy therapy to overcome lethargy, laziness and fatigue
  6. Counselling programme for individual and family
  7. Anti-Suicidal programme
  8. Programme to rectify the post abortive problems
  9. Programme to control alcoholism and drug addiction
  10. Pre-marital Counselling and cleansing
  11. Programme to control Fear, Uncontrollable emotions, Jealousy, Short temperedness, Over anxiety, Unwanted and Unethical thoughts etc.
  12. Programme to control depression
  13. Programme to control homo-sexuality and lesbianism
  14. Programme for people who use mobile and computer
  15. Programme to prevent from the tendency to do violence and offence
  16. Programs to overcome Phobias and Manias
  17. Awareness programs on various social subjects viz. hazards of smoking, drug usage, alcoholism etc.
  18. Free distribution of medicinal plants
  19. Commemoration of International Days
  20. Free programme to relax in Universal Meditation Studio

You can contribute any amount according to your will.