This is a 90 hours (16days X 5 hours) programme with 10 modules

This programme consists of….

  1. Memory Enhancement Programme with 9 powerful modules which transforms any average student into an outstanding performer.
  2. Handwriting Improvement Programme – Enable the students to have handwriting with unbelievable style and elegance.
  3. English Language Training (written and spoken) – Unique tense flow chart, categorized word lists, basic phonetics chart with 44 sounds and IPA symbols, tips on using dictionaries. Makes anyone to use the language with confidence.
  4. Maths Foundation Programme (Trachtenberg speed system of basic mathematics) – It inculcates a craze to learn mathematics.
  5. Time management (Getting organized) – recognizing priorities, how to use the time at school and home efficiently, tips for getting up early in the morning.
  6. Neuro Linguistic Programming for Success – Affirmations, Visualizations, Thought process re-structuring. This module will enable one to re-structure his / her thought patterns.
  7. Shakthi Sanjeevani – Yoga, Meditation, Stress Management, Creative Visualization, Overcoming fear, Confidence building, Motivation, Emotional stability, Thought purification programme etc.
  8. Getting along better – A module on interpersonal relationship, phone-email and general etiquettes, inculcating leadership qualities.
  9. Health is wealth (module on nutrition) – Tips for optimum health, ancient health secrets.
  10. Psycho-Counselling – To overcome the learning difficulties and other behavioral disorders



Objectives of this program

    • To encourage them in areas where they show the slightest improvement, thus building confidence in them.
    • To enable the student to be free from stress of all sorts and fear
    • Improve their creativity and leadership quality
    • Develops positive mental attitude and empower children to be free from negative thoughts
    • To make the students free from Phobias and Manias
    • To explore their visualization capacity
    • To develop IQ and EQ
    • To control hyper activity and attitudinal problems
    • To reduce laziness and to reinforce dynamism
    • To enhance memory power and concentration
    • To develop harmonious interpersonal relationship with fellow beings
    • To enable the students to know about their potential and latent talents
    • To lead them in exploring the most effective learning style suitable for them